Abiru Kobushi
Name Kanji 小節あびる
Gender Female
Seiyū Yuuko Gotou

Kobushi Abiru, student no. 19 of class 2-F who is always wrapped in bandages. Her name is derived from kobushi abiru, meaning "to bathe in fists". People thought that Abiru was injured as a result of domestic violence, but it is revealed that she gets the injuries while working at the local zoo. She also has a tail fetish; all her wounds came from irritated animals as a result of pulling their tails, and she has a collection of mounted (fake) animal tails in her room. She also has differently colored eyes as a result of a transplant, and thus wears bandages to conceal this fact.

Abiru is notable for her incredibly dry, stoic, and unfriendly personality, established early on when she calls Kotonon fat without so much as a change in tone, all of which conceal an immense enthusiasm for animals (or, just their tails) and also for her teacher, Itoshiki Noizumi.