Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Wiki
Abiru Kobushi
Name Kanji 小節 あびる
Age ???
Status Alive
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Blood Type ???
Personal Status
Occupation *Student
  • Zoo employee
First appearance
Manga Debut Losing Neither To Elbow Nor To Knee
Anime Debut Not Losing to Elbows, Not Losing to Knees
Voice Actor Yuko Goto

Kobushi Abiru, student no. 19 of class 2-F who is always wrapped in bandages. Her name is derived from kobushi abiru, meaning "to bathe in fists".

Abiru has been rumored to have her injuries come from domestic violence from her father. This was proven false by Nozomu finding out she works at a zoo. Abiru loves animals, and it's some kind of therapy for her, however, she also has a tail fetish, which results in the animals attacking her.

Abiru has a large tail collection, which shocks Nozomu and confuses him as to whether or not they're real, as she "usually" tells her guests they're fake.


Appearance is a skinny, pale girl covered in bandages, with black, shoulder-length hair put up in braids. She has Heterochromia Iridum; her right eye is brown, while her left is unknown. She hides it due to it being an eye transplant.


Abiru is notable for her incredibly dry, stoic, and unfriendly personality, established early on when she calls Kotonon fat without so much as a change in tone, all of which conceal an immense enthusiasm for animals (or, just their tails) and also for her teacher, Nozomu Itoshiki.



  • Her dream is to travel around the world to pull on the tails of every animal in existence.
  • Her top 3 best animal tails are the following: 1st Place; Chipmunk, 2nd Place; Bengal Tiger, 3rd Place; Green Python