Ai Kaga
Name Kanji 加賀愛
Age 16
Personal Status
Occupation Student
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 55
Anime Debut Episode 12 (Season 1)
Voice Actor Saori Gotou

Overview Edit

Kaga Ai, student no. 18 of class 2-F who has a complex of guilt. She happens to have the same number as Kaere. Her name is a play on the word kagai which means harm. This refers to her guilt complex about doing harm to others. Most of the time everything she does isn't harmful. She just thinks doing something is bothering everyone.

Personality Edit

Ai is a shy, insecure girl. She constantly blames herself for any type of disaster (and non-disasters), which is a play on her name, Ai Kaga, which means "guilt complex", or harm.

Trivia Edit

  • She is bipolar.
  • Her catchphrase is "I'm so sorry!"