Chiri Kitsu
Name Kanji 木津千里
Seiyū Marina Inoue

Kitsu Chiri is student No. 17 of class 2-F with OCD tendencies. Her name is derived from kitchiri, meaning "precisely", which describes her precisely. Her appearance is extremely neat, and her hair is combed perfectly straight and parted right down the middle. She also gets annoyed whenever something is not done precisely; because of this other students call her the class representative even though she doesn't have that position. In some scenes she reveals a, yet unknown, murderous side of herself, shown in several attempts to kill, torture or bury others (in most cases Itoshiki). Regarding that Fuura happens to play a part of her violent clips.

There are also a number of gags based on her name:

  • Whenever Chiri goes on a murderous rampage, her preferred weapon is a shovel. The kanji for Chiri can be combined to form the first character of umeru, which means "to bury".
  • Chiri can also be used to describe something as curly or fuzzy. Thus Chiri's hair is actually curly rather than straight.
  • In one episode, an all-seeing third eye appears on her forehead. The kanji for Chiri is identical to the first two kanji of senrigan, which means "clairvoyance".
  • In most of Chiri's recent dialogue, particularly in the third series, punctuation for the dialogue appears on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. (E.g. a question mark appears at the end of a question she asks)