Harumi Fujiyoshi
Name Kanji 藤吉 晴美
Age ???
Status Alive
Birthday December 7th
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Student
First appearance
Manga Debut Losing Neither To Elbow Nor To Knee
Anime Debut ???
Voice Actor Miyu Matsuki
Fujiyoushi Harumi, student no. 29 of class 2-F who draws doujinshi. She is particularly interested in drawing yaoi and has a prolific coupling instinct. Her favorite pairing is Pine/Napple. Her name references both fujoshi, a term used to describe yaoi fangirls (and sometimes referred to as fujyoshi), and Harumi, the previous site of Comiket before it moved to the Tokyo Big Sight. Harumi is also talented athletically, and several of the school's athletic clubs are interested in recruiting her, but she has no interest in sports.

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  • Her name could be a play on Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club.
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