Kafuka Fuura
Name Kanji 風浦可符香
Gender Female
Seiyū Ai Nonaka

Furura Kafuka is student No. 15 of Class 2-F.


She always has an insanely optimistic outlook on life. She always manages to find the positive perspective to even the most grim situation imaginable. For example, when Nozomu attempts to hang himself from a tree at the beginning of the series, she claims he is "making himself taller".


Her name is a reference to Franz Kafka, which seems slightly ironic at first given her cheerful disposition. However, it has been suggested that Kafuka has a traumatic past and that she is suppressing psychopathic tendencies underneath her sunny personality.

True nameEdit

"Kafuka Fuura" is actually a pen name. While her real name is currently unknown, it is believed her name is most likely "Akagi An" due to the fact she is called An in some flashbacks and the surname Akagi appears in the attendance book. "Akagi An" may refer to Anne of Green Gables, known in Japan as "Akage no An".


Do not read further if you have not read the manga to its final chapter.
You have been warned.

In the final chapter of the manga, it is revealed that Kafuka had died prior to the beginning of the series, having her organs donated to a cast of characters that incidentally make up the majority of Nozomu's class. However, she was "too optimistic to die", and thus possessed one of the main female characters in every scene of the series. In the bonus chapter of 30th volume, it was revealed that Kafuka continues possessing girls to be able to live on with Nozomu as his wife. However, to let Kafuka be able stay with the teacher, all the girls have to live under one roof and go through a rotation of divorces and marriages (it has to be done to let Kafuka stay teacher's wife all the time), which makes it resemble a harem.