Matoi Tsunetsuki
Name Kanji 常月 まとい
Age ???
Status Alive
Birthday September 8th
Gender Female
Blood Type ???
Personal Status
Occupation Student
First appearance
Manga Debut Before Me, There's No One; Behind Me, There's You
Anime Debut Beyond the Tunnel Was Whiteness
Voice Actor Asami Sanada
Tsunetsuki Matoi, student no. 22 of class 2-F who obsessively stalks her boyfriend, currently Nozomu (who rarely acknowledges her). In addition to regular stalking antics like letting herself in her target's house with a duplicate key, planting bugs in his room, calling/texting him every five minutes, and following a few steps behind him, she adopts the same fashion sense as the person she's stalking. Her name is based on tsune tsukimatoi, "always dangling after".

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Matoi's personality completely changes depending on whoever she falls in love with.

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