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Meru Otonashi
Name Kanji 音無芽留
Age ???
Status Alive
Birthday ???
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Student
First appearance
Manga Debut The Antenna Has Risen, We Must Try And Live
Anime Debut Not Losing to Elbows, Not Losing to Knees
Voice Actor Chiwa Saitou

Otonashi Meru is student no. 16 of class 2-F. Meru is a quiet girl who can only communicate with others via texting and e-mail. However, the contents of her messages are usually vicious.


Meru is a girl of short stature and fair skin. She has round, brown eyes and black hair, styled into two pigtails that reach her shoulders, along with straight bangs that part in the middle. Her pigtails are held up by a colorful, marble-like hair ornament. She is one of the shortest girls in the class, second only to Taro Maria Sekiutsu.

She is often seen wearing her school uniform.


Meru is an extremely shy girl, often finding it super difficult to communicate with people. Her only way of communicating is through text, and it is unknown as to what her voice sounds like.

When texting, Meru is a completely different person; abusive through her texts as if it's a normal thing for her. This upsets Nozomu as he seems to have people bullying him over the internet.

Her phone is an extremely important item to her; which was shown in her debut chapter, that when she loses her phone (or in this case, loses service range), she becomes some kind of demon, speaking in an undecodable language, which has been described as being "echoes from hell", which has the possible ability of forcing people to go insane. This demon was sent back to hell once Kafuka exorcised it with a cross. In reality, Meru may simply just fluster.




  • Her e-mail address is
  • Hazukashi gariyasan means "shy girl".
  • Otonashi means "soundless, while Meru is derived from the Japanese loan word for "mail".