Warning: This page contains spoilers for the final chapter.

Ruuko Riku
Name Kanji ???
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Boat-riding in dangerous winds
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Reporter (former)
First appearance
Manga Debut As One Possibility

Ruuko is a reporter who makes a small appearance in order to receive answers on the suspicious activity against Nozomu and the girls.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Ruuko's personality is little to nothing due to her lack of lines and being in a single chapter.

Background Edit

Ruuko is a reporter for the Dreaming Souls Truth Extra who has come all the way from Tokyo due to a report about a man in a polyamorous relationship.

After Nozomu's rejections towards the rumors, she becomes more and more confused, and eager to find out the answer to it all. This leads her to steal a boat and rides off with it to Entrails Island, where she discovers a little girl call out for her, before being called out by her mother(s).

She is then killed by accidentally running into a boulder; likely due to shock as she was inattentive to where she was going.

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