Tane Kitsu
Tane Kitsu
Name Kanji 木津多祢
Gender Female
Seiyū Ryouko Shiraishi
Kitsu Chiri's older sister and in contrast to her a complete slob who creates disarray and dirt by her mere presence.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Her name derives from the Japanese word kittanee (汚ねえ?, "dirty").
    • Tane Kitsu
    • Tane Kitsu's first anime appearance.
    • Tane Kitsu's first manga appearance
    • Eldest daughter of the Kitsu family.
    • Appearance in Chapter 206
  • According to Harumi, Tane would not have been so dirty had it not been for Chiri. In a flashback, a young Chiri and Tane were shown with a pet goldfish. Chiri suggests cleaning the goldfish by pouring shampoo into the tank, which Tane tried convincing her not to. Tane then leaps into a pile of mud, which Nozomu understands as a way to suppress Chiri's proper behavior.[2]
  • Tane also expressed that if it were up to her, she would like to be able to dress up nicely and go on dates like a typical girl.
  • Like some of the other girls in Nozomu's class, Tane also develops a crush on him.[3]

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