Maria Tarou Sekiutsu
Name Kanji 関内 太郎
Age ???
Status Alive
Birthday June 2nd
Gender Female
Personal Status
Occupation Student
First appearance
Manga Debut Whatever Happens Between Us, If We Don't Get Complicated, It's Useless
Anime Debut Fly over That Country to Come Here
Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro

"Sekiutsu Maria Taro" is student no. 8 of class 2-F. Maria is an illegal immigrant from a country in Asia (due to her dark skin tone, Hispanic-like real first name, status as an illegal immigrant, and coming from a 'war torn' neighboring Asian country where "public demonstrations are scary" according to Nozomu, it's possible she's Filipino, who are the 3rd largest foreign community in Japan) who bought a birth certificate from a male student in Nozomu's class and is currently attending school in his place. Although she assumes the identity of a male student, almost everyone calls him by Maria; Kafuka often addresses her as "Mataro". Due to her extreme poverty and optimistic attitude, most people feel encouraged to help and protect her. She feels uncomfortable when wearing shoes or panties.

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  • Sekiutsu Taro, the person Maria bought his certificate from, is derived from the phrase seki uttaro, meaning "I'll sell my name".
  • Taro is a very common boy's name in Japan, making it immediately clear it isn't her name.
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