About meEdit

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Anyway, when I'm not on the Web, I go by the name of Brian; on the web, that's more info than you need to know.

Most of my internet activity can be currently summarized thus: OneManga, Walfas, TvTropes. (I also watch CSI episodes on the CBS website.)

How I got hereEdit

Obviously, I had to like anime and wikis; otherwise I'd never end up here.

My interest in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei started some time ago when the OP to the first anime came up in a Nico Nico Douga medley (which I discovered via TvTropes). I thought it sounded really cool (though at least 90% of the songs in those medleys are ear-worm awesome). Then about six months ago, I was wandering the manga section of the local Border's bookstore when I decided to buy the first volume of the manga (for no particular reason). Then a while after that, I happened to come across a site called phoAnime, which happened to have all of the SZS anime episodes, all of which I watched in a week or two.

So about a couple months ago, I was (and still am) completely immersed in the series when I wondered whether there is a wiki for it. (Not just a page on a wiki about it, but an entire wiki devoted to it) A quick google search revealed this site. I was surprised to see that this wiki was only recently created with just a main page. And after that, I simply got to work. (I have edited pages on the TvTropes Wiki and the Higurashi Wikia, so I know the drill.)


As probably one of the first people to set foot on this wiki, I thought that I would document ideas and aspirations I had during the early stages of building this wiki. This is my very first blog. Feel free to take a look and comment.

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