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As you can probably tell, this is written on Pi day. Believe it or not, SZS does contain a Pi reference: chapter 28 of the manga (and I think episode 9 of the first anime) starts with a student holding up a blackboard that reads "e^(Pi * i) + 1 = 0", a well known equation (and in my opinion one of the most elegant). But if you look at the background, you can see power series derivations of e^x, sin(x), and cos(x) (and in the corner you can see Euler's identity: e^(i * x) = cos(x) + i * sin(x), from which you can get e^(Pi * i) + 1 = 0). Now I realize most people who haven't taken calculus probably don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm pretty sure (and just in case you're curious I'm a math major) that all of the equations on that page are correct. I just think that's kinda cool.

In other news, NaClOtaku contacted me about the logo. As I said in my reply, I am not an admin; I'm just a regular user, so please don't flood me with administrative details, though I'm perfectly fine with anyone who wants to leave something on my talk page or wants my opinion on something. (But if I ever do become an admin, which is unlikely, those sorts of things are ok.) I must admit that currently it feels like I'm only writing for myself; there's barely any indication of anyone's presence on the wiki other than my own (and aforementioned NaClOtaku). Now it's probably unrealistic to expect a lot of visitors now when the wiki is just bare bones. Still, having more people around would help immensely. (I am not complaining about anything though; all that is just wishful thinking.)

If anyone looked at the edit histories of the pages I made so far, you may find interesting things written there. Since I'm the only editor so far, I thought those comments might be amusing, moreso if you are familiar with the SZS universe. But the next time I edit those pages, I might summarize my changes with something ordinary and boring (like "fixed a typo"), unless everyone else decided to do something just as amusing, in which case I'll gladly join in.

omg, long post; that's probably a record (though definitely the longest one I've written so far).

It just struck me, this image of Nozomu yelling: "I'm in despair! Long essays on insignificant topics have left me in despair!!" (or something like that) That's probably why I like this series; no where else has satire been so hilarious.