Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Wiki

March 04, 2010

That's probably the first reaction some people (not that i am specifying any particular group) may have when they see the OP to any of the show's seasons. The anime itself, like the manga it was based on, is fairly light-hearted, if not cynical. But I have to admit, although I really like all the OPs, all that crazy imagery may seem a bit creepy (though that may be the effect the animators are going for).

The reason I felt like ranting about this is that being the only editor is leaving me in despair, not to mention lonely as well. I am somewhat apprehensive about what to include in these pages when there is almost none if any feedback on whether what I wrote is comprehensive enough, which at this point in time I am pretty darn sure it is not.

Speaking of feedback, I am wondering if it would be more preferable to have a page on "Nozomu Itoshiki" rather than "Itoshiki Nozomu" (basically, eastern vs western order).

Also, using kanji along side the romanji would be helpful as well as a nice touch. (I could simply copy an' paste from a site that has Japanese characters, like Wikipedia, but I'm too lazy to do that; and I'm not sure if or how the wiki can support kanji)