Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Wiki

March 9, 2010 By now, that phrase is more or less a meme. Recently, I thought about a couple of things:

  1. Compile a list of all the things (only in official source material) that have left Zetsubou-sensei in despair; who wants to bet how long it will be?
  2. If the series took place somewhere other than Japan, what would Zetsubou-sensei despair about? (then again, if it didn't take place in Japan, it would not be same series ... but I'm betting he'll always find something to rant about no matter where he is)

Personally, unemployment has left me in despair (though I am still a student).

Also, I have a neat idea for the favicon: the Emperor Penguin.

Also, I have no idea why there are two "character" links in the sidebar; hope i didn't glitch anything.